App note: Voltage vs. output speed vs. torque on DC motors

App note from Precision Microdrives about DC motor capabilities and their uses. Link here Why Change Torque? The most obvious benefit of varying the torque is to maintain a constant speed when the motor’s load varies, keeping in mind the interdependent nature of speed, torque, and voltage. Although this example may be outdated, audio cassettes […]

App note: Securing vibration motor leads and wires

App note from Precision Microdrives on how to properly connect wires on to vibration motors for reliability. Link here Vibration motors require electrical power, which must be delivered by wires or PCB tracks to the motor. Precision Microdrives vibrating motors are available in a range of connector forms. From stock, they are available with factory […]

App note: Electrical techniques for using different power sources on vibration motors

Application bulletin from Precisionmircodrives on powering vibration motors from different and some cases fluctuating power sources. Link here (PDF) As vibration motors have a wide variety of applications, they are often integrated into systems which have different power sources. A common concern, in terms of power supply, is adjusting the source power supply voltage to […]

App note: Introductory gear equations

In using motors, we may tackle on coupling these little mechanical devices to something to move or maybe we might need more torque but paying for speed, Precision Microdrives’ app note gives us basics in gear calculation. Link is here. For quickly experimenting or prototyping, you may wish to build your own cheap gear chain. […]