PROTOTYPE PREVIEW: PIC24FJ64GB/A002 breakout board

Earlier this week we prototyped a transistor tester circuit on a breadboard. We wanted a start with a full microcontroller and power circuit, ready to go, Arduino-style. All the breakouts we had on hand were a pain to use. Most obscure the prototo area and many were just too big. Inspired by Shaos’ nedoCPU-32, we […]

Find your Bus Pirate's PIC revision

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. The latest Bus Pirate v2go nightly firmware build reports the device ID, revision, and configuration bits in the terminal. HiZ>i Hack a Day Bus Pirate v2go Firmware v2.1-nightly DEVID:0x0447 <<< PIC 24F64GA002 REVID:0x3042 (B4) <<<0x3042 = Revision 4 CFG1:0xF9DF <<< config word one CFG2:0x3F7F <<<config word […]