A PIC16F145x based PIC16F145x USB programmer

From the comments on our PIC16F145X: Full-Speed USB with no external crystal post, Maurice Bos writes: I wrote software to turn a PIC16F145x into a PIC16F145x programmer (over USB). It’s free and open source (GPL3), and it might be useful. Add any feature requests (or bugs) on Github, or just e-mail me. :) Via the comments.

PIC16F145X: Full-Speed USB with no external crystal

Microchip is about to release the PIC16F145X family of microcontrollers. This little guy is advertised to have Full-Speed USB capability without the need of the usual external oscillator. From the product brief it appears that this uC will use the host USB signal to tune the internal 48 MHz oscillator and comply with the USB […]