Enter the Photon

Peter Scargill writes: So, what differentiates this from say, something like an ESP-12 or similar boards? So this is a small WIFI-enabled controller, programmed in something that looks suspiciously like the Arduino language – this is course is deliberate to give it that familiar look and feel. But looks can be deceiving – this is a […]

DIY WiFi gas detector with text alerts

Stefan over at Hackster.io has written an article detailing his DIY Wi-Fi gas detector that sends SMS alerts: Hey guys, back with another little project that I’ve been fiddling with for the past week. With kids around, every parent is thinking how to make their home safer for the little ones and for everybody in general. One […]

Backdoor uPWM Hack on Photon for Infrared signals using UART

The crew from AnalysIR has written up an article on Backdoor uPWM Hack on Photon for Infrared signals: Since we received our Photon several months ago it has been difficult to find a working example of Hardware PWM on the Photon (suiteable for IR signals). Initially, we ported our softPWM approach to the Photon, which is excellent. […]