2014 Open Hardware Summit Rome, Italy

Tinito writes,  ” I’m attending the Open Hardware Summit 2014 in Rome, and I wanted to share a few moments of it. Not actually a “live coverage” due to connectivity issues..” David Cuartielles talking about the importance of people for the open hardware movement: open hardware is not useful by itself, its people making great […]

A look into the Open Source Hardware Community

Simone Cicero over at Open Electronics writes: AS you may know, just few weeks ago OSHWA published the results from 2013 Open Hardware Community survey. You can find original datasheets and everything here. Despite raw data is good, I thought it was good to spend some time looking at the data trying to gather more insights, when […]

Open Hardware Association releases first writeup about legal issues

Open Hardware Association releases first Writeup about legal issues: This blog post provides information from the legal discussions surrounding open source hardware in an open hardware legal meetup event hosted at NYU by Jason Schultz, founder of Defensive Patent License, November 11, 2013. OSHWA was very grateful to be part of the event. Legal professionals […]