A NPN transistor Electret condenser microphone preamp for microcontrollers

Davide Gironi writes: This is a NPN Electret Condenser Microphone Preamp board design for the use with microcontrollers ADC. In order to make an electret condenser microphone signal “readable” by a microcontroller ADC, it has to be matched the ADC specification of the microcontroller. Most of the time it means, add some gain to the […]

Partlist Wednesday: NPN transistors

Every Wednesday we highlight a component from the updated¬†partlist. This week:¬†NPN transistors Transistors do lots of analog tricks, but we only use them to switch high powered stuff with a weak microcontroller pin. Usually an LED. See the IR Toy, #twatch, PICqueno, or USB POV Toy for the sad truth. We’ve standardized on the BC818 […]