Tinkering TI MSP430F5529

Shawon Shahryiar @ Embedded Lab writes: In my past tutorials on MSP430s, I demonstrated how to get started with MSP430 general purpose microcontrollers from Texas Instruments (TI). Those tutorials covered most aspects of low and mid-end MSP430G2xxx series microcontrollers. For those tutorials, TI’s official software suite – Code Composer Studio (CCS) – an Eclipse-based IDE […]

Remotely flash a weather station with a custom MSP430F5529 bootloader

  Tml over at the 430h forum writes: This project is fully functional and I use it to remotely reflash my weather station. I just push the new application image onto the web server, then the application working on the target device downloads it, parses and puts onto the flash and then lets the bootloader to the […]

Multitask scheduler for MSP430F5529 launchpad

In this video Jeffrey Antony demonstrates his multitask scheduler for MSP430F5529 launchpad: I have checked in the code to my github repo. Its an completely open source scheduler. Feel free to use it and learn more. I have made the code self explanatory. Enjoy! There are three tasks – first task for blinking the red LED […]

MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad evaluation kit

TI has announced their latest LaunchPad evaluation kit. The new MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit includes USB 2.0-enabled MSP430F5529 16-bit MCU (up to 25 MHz), 128KB Flash, 8KB RAM and a 12 Bit SAR ADC. Also included are eZ-FET lite (the open source onboard debugger with application UART) and the standard 40 pin LaunchPad connector […]