Experimental motor driver for CG-4 German equatorial mounts

Dilshan has published a new build: This is an experimental stepper motor driver for Celestron CG-4 German equatorial mounts. This unit is functionally equivalent to the Celestron dual-axis motor driver, and we developed it as a replacement unit for the original Celestron driver. See the full post on Dilshan Jayakody’s blog. Project files are available […]

Dual motor driver LaunchPad booster pack

Parker designed a dual motor driver booster pack for the MSP430 LaunchPad. It’s based around the DRV8833 iterated motor driver capable of controlling voltages up to 10.8V and handling current up to 2A. You can download the Eagle source files from his site. This is a Low Voltage, 2A motor controller BoosterPack for the Ti […]