Homemade injection transformer for PSU loop analysis

Adil Malik made a DIY injection transformer for PSU loop analysis: Recently, I have been designing some SMPS and required some hardware to measure the actual loop response of the complete converters. People familiar with this area will probably know this can be done breaking the feedback loop of the converter and injecting a small […]

A 1-meter-diameter small transmitting loop for 7 MHz, part 1

qrp-gaijin has been working on a 1-meter-diameter small transmitting loop for 7 MHz: I’ve decided to try constructing a smaller, more traditional loop of 1-meter diameter. A smaller loop means smaller radiation resistance, and that means that small values of loss resistance become more significant. Great care must be taken in all aspects of construction to minimize […]

Inductive loop vehicle detector v2.1

Trax of Elektronika.ba has written an article detailing his inductive loop detector that uses PIC microcontroller and Colpitts oscillator with a large coil buried in pavement to detect vehicles: Inductive Loop Detector works by detecting an inductance change in wire loop (coil) that is buried in road. It does that by measuring the frequency of the internal […]