Lattice sub-$30 PLD dev boards

Lattice Semiconductor is once again offering several PLD dev boards for under $30 each. The available boards feature the MachXO2, MachXO 2280, ispMACH 4256ZE and the POWR1014. Each Breakout Board is a 3” x 3” form factor and features GPIO breakout headers, USB B-mini connector for power and programming, an LED array, and prototype area. […]

LatticeSemi offers discounted FPGA dev boards

Lattice Semi is offering the iCEblink40 Evaluation Kits for $19 for a limited time. The iCEblink40 boards feature the ultra low density iCE40 FPGA and come in two versions, the iCEblink40-HX1K and the iCEblink40-LP1K Evaluation Kits which differ in the number of I/O pins. Both boards offer 1280 logic look up tables and 64K bits […]

Lattice launches “Do-It-All PLD” design challenge

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation and UBM Electronics have announced the Lattice “Do-it-All PLD” Design Challenge. The objective of the Design Challenge is to foster a social community in which electronics engineering contestants can use the Lattice MachXO2™ Pico Development Kit to create designs for evaluation by a panel of expert judges. The Design Challenge will take […]

Shooting arcade game using CPLD

Here’s a video of Jeri Ellsworth’s latest project for element14, a shooting arcade game using the MachXO2 CPLD. The game is simple in principle: use an LED light gun to shoot the light sensors representing the bad guys when they appear at windows in the target house. The implementation is more challenging, with the heavy […]

MachXO2 Pico Development Kit promo

Remember the Lattice MachXO2 PLD we mentioned back in December? Well the MachXO2 Pico Development Kits are now available from Lattice Semi! The MachXO2 Pico Development Kit features the MachXO2 LCMXO2-1200ZE device, 1 Mbit SPI Flash, I2C temperature sensor, an expansion header for JTAG, SPI, I2C and GPIO interfaces, an LCD display and capacitive touch […]