Hacking the Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP)

Christophe Alladoum has posted a tutorial on the IO Active Labs Research blog on the Java debug wire protocol and its insecurities. He explains, “In this post, I will explain the Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) and why it is interesting from a pentester’s point of view. I will cover some JDWP internals and how […]

uJ – a Java VM for microcontrollers

Dmitry Grinberg wanted to design a way to program MCUs that would be easy for beginners who don’t necessarily understand details of C such as pointers and memory management, yet don’t want to rely on common alternatives such as Arduino or PICAXE. He developed uJ: a Java VM for microcontrollers. “It implements the entirety of […]

Java circuit simulator

BrentBXR tipped us of about this cool and educational tool. It’s an interactive electronics circuit simulator. It has some pretty cool features, like having the direction of the current animated on the circuit traces, or highlighting the high signal traces in digital circuits. There is a bunch of circuit examples ranging from Ohm’s law demonstrations […]