App note: STM32™ in-application programming over the I²C bus

Programming the STM32F10x via I2C with this app note from STMicroelectronics A key requirement for most Flash-memory-based systems is the ability to update firmware once the system is installed in the end product. This is referred to as in-application programming (IAP). This application note describes how to perform in-application programming using the STM32F10x’s I2C peripheral. […]

App note: STM32F10x in-application programming using the USART

Programming the STM32F10x via USART with this app note from STMicroelectronics The STM32F10x microcontroller can run user-specific firmware to perform in-application programming (IAP) of the microcontroller-embedded Flash memory. IAP driver must be program first to the Flash memory base address via JTAG/SWD interface using the development toolchain of your choice or the factory-embedded boot loader […]