Brewmonitor: The Arduino-powered, cloud-based homebrewing controller

The Arduino and Cloud-based homebrewing controller by Martin Kennedy of TheBedroomLaboratory: It’s just a basic site, based on this tutorial, which is currently plotting the temperature in my sitting room. It’s got a PHP backend (Laravel framework with RESTful API), MySQL database and an AngularJS frontend with (n3-chart/d3 for the graph). In the house, I’ve whacked […]

Electronics behind the homebrew TSA style scanner

Here Jeri Ellsworth concludes her presentations on a homebrew TSA type body scanner by focusing on the components and coding. An FPGA is used for processing of the video signal as an alternative to a PC. The use of a “virtual ground” is an interesting aspect of the signal amp circuit.

DIY Squishy dough for simple circuits

Here’s a novel way to connect simple circuits. By mixing up your own conductive and non-conductive play doughs you can connect components without wires. Adds a new dimension to the term “wireless”! Just don’t think it would be a good idea to go through airport security with a doughy substance with components and flashing LEDs […]