App note: High-power emitters for illumination applications

App note from OSRAM on High-power LEDs and their special requirements. Link here (PDF) In general high power emitters can be driven with DC currents in the range of 1 Ampere whereas most low power products like 5 mm Radials are limited to 100 mA. As the light output increases with driving current the optical […]

LED produces 2.3x more light energy than electrical energy consumed

MIT physicists developed an LED that emits more light energy than the electrical energy consumed. These LEDs supplement electrical energy with heat from the surrounding environment. Unfortunately this has only been observed at very low power levels. The researchers chose a light-emitting diode with a small band gap, and applied such small voltages that it […]

28C3: Driving high power LEDs

Here’s a brief video from the recently concluded 28C3 hacker conference hosted by Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Germany. Jonathan Foote of covers some ways to drive high power LEDs without burning them up, including the latest technology current source circuits and ICs. This was one of the “lightning talks” which are are part […]