Audio: Headphone “Anti thump” delayed output rev 1.1

Rupert Hirst writes: A long awaited refresh, to my previous “Anti Thump” headphone output delay circuit, designed back in 2011. The Idea behind the circuit is to introduce a small delay, during initial power up, to electrically isolate and protect equipment connected directly to an amplifier. Often, during power up, amplifiers can produce an audible […]

DIY tube-mosfet hybrid headphone amplifier

Diyaudioprojects feature a DIY tube-mosfet hybrid headphone amplifier. It uses 12AU7 tubes and the IRF510 mosfet. The schematics, and pcb files are available on their site. The circuit consists of two stages: 1. a common cathode tube volt amp stage (gain), 2. a MOSFET source follower for current gain (with a LM317 regulator used as […]