OHM2013: Hacking the radio spectrum with GNURadio

At the OHM2013 conference held last summer outside Amsterdam, J. M. Friedt discussed his use of GNURadio as a signal processing prototyping tool. He writes, “We demonstrate the use of this software environment for implementing new digial communication mode decoding algorithms, qualifying low frequency circuits by using the audio card as a network analyzer, all […]

Decoding FLEX pagers using RTL-SDR and Linux

Superkuh2 demonstrates how to decode FLEX pager radio traffic. He uses gr-pager and zarya’s implementation of it on the Linux platform with the RTL-SDR dongle. This script runs at a 250 KS/s sample rate and decodes one 12.5 KHz channel only. Internally it uses gnuradio’s optfir to generate low pass taps stopping at 12.5 KHz […]

CSUN GNU Radio tutorials

GNU Radio is a free and open source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios. It runs on Linux machines and works with varied SDR hardware platforms from the $20 RTL-SDR through the $1,500+ USRP products. Many online tutorials we’ve read either take an overly simplistic approach, or assume that […]

Ettus LiveUSB SDR environment

Ettus, manufacturers of the USRP line of SDRs, has announced the availability of a customized bootable USB drive for USRP/GnuRadio development. The LiveUSB SDR Environment is a 16 GB USB 3.0 drive with Ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit), USRP Hardware Driver (UHD), GNU Radio, OpenBTS and associated documentation preinstalled. Ettus notes that this drive is compatible with […]

GRCon2012 call for papers

The 2012 GNU Radio Conference will be held September 24-27, 2012, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel near the Altanta, GA airport. The conference coordinators have posted a “call for papers” from prospective presenters. Visit this link to fill out and submit the form with your idea for a presentation. The deadline for submission of abstracts […]

RTL-SDR APCO Project 25 (P25) receiver

Balint Seeber has done it again! In this video he shows how to take the RTL-SDR dongle and use it in conjunction with the open source OP25 project to successfully demodulate APCO Project 25 (P25) digital radio voice communications. P25 is a term used to refer to a modulation system used by many public safety […]

Introducing RTL-SDR: a $20 SDR

If you don’t want to spend $1,200+ for a USRP SDR to use GNU Radio the crew at OsmoSDR want to help. In addition to their other amazing work, Osmocom team members (notably Steve Markgraf) have been hacking away on an alternative least-cost solution they call rtl-sdr. So what is rtl-sdr? It is a creative […]