Atsam3u + SDCard + USB cdc/msd + fat32 with at91lib & Chan’s fat code

Limpkin writes: This development platform is primarily aimed at facilitating the realization of high speed (several GHz) functions that quantum physicist need for their experiments, as well as providing data collection capabilities. Without going into many details, it will physically be a 3U rack where users can plug different eurocard modules that perform specific functions. […]

App note: File IO function reference for Microchip’s Memory Disk Drive File System Library

Here is a function reference for Microchip’s memory disk drive file system library. This library interfaces a PIC microcontroller with FAT16 or FAT32 file systems. It allows you to interface with storage mediums like USB flash drives or microSD cards in the same way a PC would. Save data on a storage device, and later […]