Homebrew DMX-controlled RGB LED light

Glen has written an article detailing his homebrew DMX-controlled RGB LED light: This project is a small DMX-512 controlled, color-changing RGB LED light. The light can be controlled via the DMX512 protocol or it can run a number of built-in programs depending on how the software is configured. The light incorporates an advanced 16-bit PIC24 microcontroller with […]

App note: DMX512 isolated receivers using digital capacitive-isolation technology

Here is an app note from Texas Instruments describing in depth how DMX512 protocol functions, and how to build isolated DMX512 receivers. Their new isolated transceivers use digital capacitive-isolation technology, which has proven to be more reliable, and resilient,  then the opto-isolation that was common in DMX512 devices. This type of isolation has been tested […]