Prototype: Hackable LED Christmas card & ornament

Holiday cards that blink and beep have always fascinated us. This is our hackable DIY version, made with an ATtiny13A and a few LEDs. Push the button to play a short light show in the tree. We’re sending these to friends and family this year. It’s a handmade, hackable gift, and it was a ton […]

AVRDude patch: Program AVRs with the Bus Pirate

UPDATE: Bus Pirate support is now included in the current AVRDude SVN version. Michal Ludvig submitted a patch that gives AVRDude support for programming ATMEL AVRs and serial EEPROMs using the Bus Pirate. AVRDude parses ASCII terminal output at the moment, but we’re working on a raw SPI mode for better speed and performance. More […]