ATtiny84 USBtiny AVR ISP programmer

Rupert Hirst writes: My through hole, home etch friendly version of the surface mount FabISP, which is based around the USBtinyISP AVR ISP Programmer. The new USBtinyISP drivers also support for Windows 8 This design uses the ATtiny84 microcontroller instead of the larger ATtiny2313 of the USBtiny. Project design flies can be found on RunawayBrainz […]

Building a small programmable power supply

Alex over at InsideGadgets has written an article  detailing the build of his programmable power supply: A small programmable power supply with 4 digit segment display using an ATtiny84 to allow 3 programmable voltages and ability to adjust the voltage higher or lower. Output range is 0.3V to 12.5V.