Using Altium for a DirtyPCBs order

Jarrett  has written an article describing a technique of using Altium for a DirtyPCBs order: This is a pretty rare combo: using a premium PCB package with the budget board house. Kinda funny. Generally these small run PCB houses provide DRU and CAM files for EAGLE design rule checking and Gerber outputs, respectively. Because I’m […]

JuKu’s new Altium NanoBoard FPGA dev-board

JuKu got his hands on an Altium NanoBoard 3000. It’s a FPGA development board that goes with Altium Designer software. You get a choice of Xilinx, Altera, and Lattice FPGAs. One down side is that the license provided for the software expires in a year. This will be the basis of several projects I have […]