App note: Effects of different resistor tolerances in a differential ADC for THD performance

App note from Maxim Integrated demonstrating the effects of different resistor tolerances on the analog front end of ADC’s performance. Link here This application note explains how the different tolerances of the same value resistors at the inputs can alter the THD performance of the fully differential ADC. The cost of resistors changes significantly with […]

App note: Build precise S/H Amps for fast 12 Bit ADCs

An app note from Analog Devices: Build precise S/H Amps for fast 12 Bit ADCs (PDF!) S/h amplifier circuits will use one of several standard architectures: closed-loop or open-loop, and inverting or noninverting configurations. No matter what circuit type designers employ, they need to incorporate a high-speed amplifier to buffer the input signal and a […]