App Note: LEDs allow new remote-controlled lighting applications

A remote-controlled lightning applications: One benefit LEDs offer in general lighting applications is that they are easier to control remotely. This application note describes a remote-controlled architectural or street-lighting system and describes how to implement power-line or wireless communications control of a lighting system. Thanks for the tip rsdio!

3D LED cube thing

MichaelZ spotted a commercial 3D LED cube. I saw this at a home construction materials show in Taiwan 3D LED cube thing  In person they are very impressive.  There are vertical strips of SMD LEDs and the light changes color.  Amongst patterns they can sort of swirl around like a cloud or school of fish. […]

Hacking RGB Christmas lights

Deep Darc has successfully reverse engineered the operation of a 50-light set of GE multicolor Christmas lights. His work involved snooping the protocol used on the LEDs data bus line and exploration of the remote control unit, resulting in source code allowing control of the display of colors and patterns by an Attiny13A. Via Wonderhowto.