App note: Reliability of the OSLON® Black Series family

App note from OSRAM about their new OSLON® series LEDs. Link here (PDF)

The OSLON® Black Series family was developed particularly for applications that require maximum luminous flux with little consumption of space. The package also makes the series predestined for applications that experience high temperature fluctuations because very good solder point reliability can be expected, particularly in combination with insulated metal substrate boards.
As a consequence, the product group has been qualified on the basis of the AEC-Q101-REV-C guideline “Stress Test Qualification for Automotive Grade Discrete Semiconductors”.
With their performance and design, the OSLON® Black Series LEDs are suited to a wide variety of uses in light and illumination technology, from automotive applications to general lighting purposes. Due to their very compact design, the LEDs are also particularly suitable for combining and operating in clusters.

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