Reverse-engineering the classic MK4116 16-kilobit DRAM chip

Ken has written an article on reverse-engineering the classic MK4116 16-kilobit DRAM chip:

Back in the late 1970s, the most popular memory chip was Mostek’s MK4116, holding a whopping (for the time) 16 kilobits. It provided storage for computers such as the Apple II, TRS-80, ZX Spectrum, Commodore PET, IBM PC, and Xerox Alto as well as video games such as Defender and Missile Command. To see how the chip is implemented I opened one up and reverse-engineered it. I expected the circuitry to be similar to other chips of the era, using standard NMOS gates, but it was much more complex than I expected, built from low-power dynamic logic.

See the full post on Ken Shirriff’s blog.

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