An ESP8266-based temperature, humidity and line voltage monitor

KA7OEI’s temperature/humidity/line voltage web
server/telemetering device

As anyone who reads this blog probably knows, I have a bit to do with the operation and maintenance of the Northern Utah WebSDR – a remote receiver system that allows anyone with Internet access and a web browser to listen to the LF, MF, HF and some of the VHF bands as heard from a rural site in Northern Utah. The equipment for this receiver system is located a small building in the middle of mosquito and deer-fly infested range land near brackish marshes – no-where that anyone in their right mind would like to be during most of the year. With the normal hot weather in the summer and many clear days, this building gets hot at times: It’s been observed to exceed 130F (55C) on the hottest days inside – a temperature that causes the fans on the computers scream!

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