Building a GBA LiPo voltage regulator and charger


Alex published a new build:

I saw a post where someone fitted a 2000mAh LiPo battery to their GBA, they had do to some modifications to the GBA battery compartment to fit it all. By using a LiPo battery instead of the AA’s, it would save us about 20 grams, while not a lot, ever gram does count and you can tell the difference plus since the LiPo has a higher voltage, it has a higher energy density, so it should give us longer play time than the AA’s. So I decided I would do the same mod and I might make a little voltage regulator and charging board to go along with it.

See the full post on insideGadgets project page.

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  1. TPS62200 will get him to under 15uA, a bit better than the 20-30uA he mentioned. I would try the same thing. Switch some resistors in and out of the voltage feedback circuit of the DC-DC and we ought to get the GBA power LED functionality that we want. For voltage level detection costing <1uA, an MCU supervisor chip on the battery side will get you there.

    1. Thanks KH, I will check out the TPS622xx family, good idea about the supervisor chip.

      I was looking at the NCP1529 or RT8010 but was seeing 2mA quiescent on both of them. For one of them I could drop the output voltage to under 2V and got the claimed quiescent current. Tried increasing the resistor feedback network which worked but once the input voltage drops to 3.4-3.5V, the current spikes to ~40mA. For both if I added a ~22pF cap on Vref to Gnd (the datasheet didn’t say to do this), then the quiescent current dropped to 40-50uA but the switching noise was really bad under load.

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