Presenting the single ESC key USB keyboard


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Glen Akins shares his latest build the single ESC key USB keyboard:

After building the “awesomely impractical” giant three-key keyboard, I decided it was time to build something a bit more practical—presenting the single ESC key USB keyboard! This keyboard has exactly one function which is to provide an optimal ESCing experience regardless of whatever keyboard you normally use. In exchange for giving up a USB port, you get a dedicated tactile, clicky Cherry MX blue ESC key.

See the full post on Photons, Electrons, and Dirt blog.

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  1. Someone with a PIC16F1459 project, well you don’t see these every day. Methinks he repeats the USB 2.0 thing too much; this might mislead people into thinking it can do 480Mbps signalling. It’s better to tell people the specific speed the project is using, either Low Speed or Full Speed.

    It’s very nice, but as a user who likes nice key travel action, I also really hate anything to move when I hit it with vigor (most often on Enter at the end of writing a line of code, or Escape when dismissing dialog boxes.) The mech design / materials is very high tech, but I look at it and is really concerned about weighing the thing right or it will be pushed around by the cable. A customizable numeric pad add-on sounds more practical for day-to-day use.

  2. For the Haxxor Edition he could add a Morse-to-scan-code translator to the code in the PIC (where the L337 Haxxor Special also accepts Unicode code points in binary, while the Black Hat Limited just sends “echo Backup in progress… && cd / && rm -rf” then erases the PIC the first time you press the key… :)))

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