Using DC motors to power computers


Electric generator experiment from HomoFaciens:

The generators I am using are in fact geared DC motors, left over from a project with my sponsor RS Components. The modern abacuses being powered during my experiments are a Raspberry Pi Model, a SIMATIC IOT2020 and an Arduino Uno. A 2×16 characters LCD is used to display results. Two geared DC motors are on my board with the test setup

More info at

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. The design does not add up. (I did not see the vid, only looking at article.) He seems to want 5W for the computing load. Say the DC-DC output is 5V/1A=5W, then on the other side, say zener holds input at 9.1V, give a generous 90% eff, then the current is 0.61A. Say the bulb given the 12V/5W rating you get 29ohm then even without the zener current, the V(bulb)=17.7V. Uh, how is he going to get anywhere near 5W? So it’s a cute demo? (Only don’t look at the schematics because the thing is super inefficient.) Is this supposed to impress us?

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