DIY Boostbox hand crank generator project


A DIY hand crank Boostbox by lasersaber at LaserHacker:

This easy to make box uses no batteries but can still power a lot of stuff.  It really is a very versatile little BoostPack based device.  It would be the perfect thing to have on hand in times of emergency.

Project info at LaserHacker project page.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Don’t waste your time trying to follow this project unless you want to WASTE your time with YouTube.
    First, the link in the post is seemingly not targeting the project itself, this one is:

    Second: The hand-crank generator (which is probably of most interest) is linked to a DEAD ebay sell page.

    Third: The project post is dated Jun 27, 2017, so no wonder the ebay hand-crank thing link is DEAD.

    Yeah, it took me probably as much time as watching the YouTube video to type this comment. But I’m PISSED OFF about having to go to YouTube every time a “Maker” puts a project up just to get basic information.

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