WiFi TFT touch LCD weather station with ESP8266


Erich Styger built this ESP8266 WiFi weather station with touch LCD and wrote a post on his blog detailing its assembly:

After the “WiFi OLED Mini Weather Station with ESP8266“, here is another one: this time with Touch LCD :-)  In the previous article (“WiFi OLED Mini Weather Station with ESP8266“) I have used the OLED kit from blog.squix.org. And as promised, this time it is about the “ESP8266 WiFi Color Display Kit”

Project info at MCU on Eclipse. Code is available on GitHub.

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  1. Well, this is an application that I’d solve with an Android smartphone.
    Used Moto G phones can be found on Ebay for ~€30, and thanks to LineageOS, they can be flashed with an up-to-date Android 7.1.2. Updates come every week. Even the newly discovered BlueBorne USB vulnerability has been fixed.

    And such a phone can not only show the weather, but can also be used as a multi room sound system, an intercom, a home automation display, a remote control, a DAB receiver, etc.

    1. @Cyk says: “Well, this is an application that I’d solve with an Android smartphone”

      BAD idea Cyk: Android Smartphone = Spy on Me Google!

  2. A lot of projects that we make will never be cheaper than commodity hardware. It’s a choice that each of us will have to make ourselves.

    One, you can embrace the IoT vision as laid out by multinationals like Google. Alexa and Nest are the first steps. They want users to be dependent on them for services. They mean to know everything about your behaviour. Then it’s easy for the NSA or other three-letter agencies to request data. Plausible deniability is a time-honoured tradition in intelligence circles.

    Or Two, you can make something with your own hands that can be customized exactly the way you want it. Of course, the NSA will still be able to gather data on the weather sites accessed, but heck, it used to be that people know how to build things with their hands.

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