Akafugu modular VFD clock review


Manuel Azevedo did a review of Akafugu’s modular VFD clock:

I discovered this wonderful tiny VFD clock by chance, while browsing Tindie for novelties. As I’m a newcomer to this Nixie/VFD world, I was not aware that Brian Stuckey already did an article in 2014 on a previous incarnation of this clock (Akafugu Modular VFD Clock).
I contacted Per Johan Groland, owner of the Japanese maker Akafugu that makes these clocks, for all the shields I could get my hands on – The only shield I did not order was the 4 tube IN-4/17 shield, which Brian already tested and which I find does not do this clock justice.

See the full post and more details on his blog, TubeClockDB.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. I do not understand why so many people bother with the Nixies. They are ugly, complicated because of high voltage required, so I do not see any advantage… Why bother?

    1. This is a VFD, not a Nixie, IIRC the voltage requirements are lower and easier to implement. I keep and old calculator with a VFD display for a future project, I must be one of those “get off my backyard” folks doing pointless things in your view, heh heh :-) :-p

      I think your “why bother” observation is just comment bait. Why do people bother keeping and maintaining old cars? There are all kinds of people on this planet with all kinds of preferences. Yeah, it’s just comment bait. :-p

      1. Maintaining old car I can understand, but you can see that most people buy brand new Nixies and use them in projects.
        To continue yours analogy, it would be like if someone buys brand new made car (made in China), but design from ’50s with all problems of that age.

    2. Because VFDs (just like Nixies actually) are an elegant component for a more civilized age…

    3. People build with these old technologies like VFD and Nixie because of nostalgia. Nixie for example represented the zenith of display technology in about 1960. Anything that is the zenith for its domain for its time will attract nostalgia. VFDs are just starting to get that attention, because they represent the zenith for display technology circa 1975 or so. Whether people are using NOS or old used tubes is sort of irrelevant. The underlying experience people are after is nostalgia.

  2. Yeah, just comment baiting on an post about VFDs.

    Well, you should ask Woz about his Nixie watch…

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