Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB

Posted on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 in Free PCBs by DP


We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion board service. This week two random commenters will get a coupon code for the free PCB drawer tomorrow morning. Pick your own PCB. You get unlimited free PCBs now – finish one and we’ll send you another! Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times every week:

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure to use a real e-mail in the address field so we can contact you with the coupon.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month please.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.
  • PCBs are scrap and have no value, due to limited supply it is not possible to replace a board lost in the post

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22 Responses to “Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB”

  1. Denise says:


  2. kurt says:

    Spring is the time of plans and projects.

  3. Samuel says:

    have a nice week everyone

  4. Crawford says:

    More Sunday, more try!!!

  5. Shlomo Goldstien says:

    Sunday the day of rest!

  6. Blaine says:

    Love me some free PCBs!

  7. HT says:

    Yet another sunday…

  8. J says:

    Another sunday, another try …

  9. Alex says:

    free pcb Sunday!

  10. jeanmarc78 says:

    hi ! this is free pcb time

  11. Clay says:

    Trying again. Why not?

  12. Derek says:

    Every Sunday is another opportunity. Eventually I will be the winner.

  13. Geoff says:

    Yes please

  14. Bill F says:

    One for me?

  15. Joe says:

    Another Sunday, another attempt.

  16. techdcs says:

    I shall take Free PCB as gift for EASTER

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