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Sjaak has published a new build:

When you get started on ARM microcontrollers things are very overwhelming at first… After coping with the first few hurdles like installing a toolchain and IDE, the next part should be getting a tool to program the chip. Many vendors have some kind of bootloader burned in the chip, which can’t be altered. Some manufacturers use serial, some use USB (mass-storage, DFU or HID). Unfortunately every vendor has it own implementation and they aren’t compatible with each other and may require special hardware. This can make it hard(er) for you to change between vendors. Another downside is your code can only be debugged by ‘printf” and not ‘realtime’.

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    1. In theory the buspirate can also do SWD or JTAG as it just wiggling some pins.

      I dunno if the speed and memory is sufficient for fast debugging. Programming is perfectly doable (there is a xsf player) for the buspirate.

      1. The BMP runs a GDB server on the device itself. The PC just runs a GDB client which connecte via serial port to the BMP. This eliminates the setup hurdles and compatibility issues plaguing many JTAG/SWD adapters.

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