Muxtronics open source 12V powerbank


A custom 12V powerbank for Cube i7 Stylus from Muxtronics:

Why would anyone even try to build a power bank – i.e. an external battery for charging mobile devices – these days? These things are commodity, it’s impossible to compete. Right? Well, that is until you find out that the type of power bank for your application, namely charging a higher-end tablet with 12V input, does not exist cheaply. Looking around for 12V power banks yields a lot of li-ion car jumpstarters (*) and very few actual power banks. Those that exist are pretty expensive and often don’t even perform that well.

Project info at

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. There -IS- a 31+ minute YouTube video, but who the heck has time for that nonsense??
    On the Web page:
    No simple way to view the schematic or BoM.
    No circuit description.
    No mention if the cells are charge balanced or simply in series.
    No mention if it will operate in UPS mode.

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