Homebrew WiFi shield


m0xpd has published a new build, the homebrew WiFi shield:

Having just finished development of the new m0xpd / Kanga ESP8266 – AD9834 board, I find myself with a few WiFi components knocking about on the bench – so I figured it would be fun to try to make a WiFi shield for an Arduino…
Using an ESP8266 (in a module, such as an ESP-12) as a WiFi shield for an Arduino is a little like using the proverbial ‘steam hammer to crack a nut’ – but these modules are frighteningly cheap and I do want a WiFi shield (which are surprisingly expensive).
I have a spare ESP-12 module on a nice breakout board with 0.1 inch pitch headers, just crying out to be used once again (it having done service in the early stages of the development of the connected beacon etc)

More info at m0xpd’s blog.

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