MPPT solar charger


Lukas Fässler has designed and built an MPPT solar charger:

One of my main goals with this design is to archieve very low standby current, somewhere in the tens of microamps. The basis for this is a low-power buck on the basis of a Texas TPS62120 where the microcontroller can switch the output voltage between 2.2 and 3.3 volts nominally. This works as intended. With no load and the output voltage low, the supply consumes 12.9 microamps at 12V input voltage. With the high output voltage the idle current goes up to 14.3uA. Quite a bit of that current is due to the voltage divider that sets the output voltage. The regulator itself consumes about 9uA in both cases.

Full details at Soldernerd homepage.

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  1. The oldish MCP1703 will give 2uA I(quiescent) and it can take up to 16V V(in). That will give a much lower standby current load. More modern LDOs have lower I(quiescent), many of them tout less than 1uA, but most of them are baked on processes with a 6V max V(in) rating…

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