9V/1kV DC/DC converter


Robert Gawron’s home insect electrocution project:

Currently I’m working on a device to electrocute home insects like cockroaches, progress is small because they are smarter than I thought, but that’s a different story. For that project I had to find a source of sufficient high voltage and output power. Presented in previous post 5V/400V converter had insufficient voltage and power, another option, flyback transformer was too dangerous to be used here.
Finally, I have made a new high voltage supply based on an inverter transformer and voltage doubler. It seems to be ok for this job, but it can be used in various other applications so I’m presenting it in a separate entry.

Warning! the device produces high voltage that can be lethal, if you want to build it, please take cautions.

Project info at Robert Gawron’s blog.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Heh, love the deadly stuff. In tropical countries, it’s probably a lot easier to just get a mosquito swatter for the circuitry, sold all over the place. Personally, I don’t see enough roaches in my place to build exotic roach killers, but flies are a nuisance and they are smart enough to carefully avoid mosquito swatters (and I mean *carefully*, they practically go into hiding). I’ve looked at ultrasonics, but an unsure about long-term effectiveness… pesky bugs…

  2. I love the detail he put into covering the lead of the resistor, but uses a copper pour and unprotected trace on the bottom. I highly suggest to remove the copper pour and add a protective plastic sheet on the bottom as cockroaches come in humansizes ;)

    1. Oh wowsers, you’re right, now that I’ve looked at his page, horrors, another scary copper pour. That thing also needs a box… I hope nobody gets hurt, heh heh…

  3. Reminds me of “bug zappers” shaped like tennis racquet. Outer mesh is ground for human contact, inner mesh has high voltage. They typically run from a few rechargeable D-Cells in the handle.

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