App note: LED back light driving methods

Posted on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 in app notes by DP


Using pulse width modulation scheme for LCD back lighting an app note from Hantronix. Link here (PDF)

LED back lights on LCD modules are generally driven with a dc voltage through a current limiting resistor. This simple approach is perfectly acceptable for most applications. When the primary consideration is an extra bright display, the lowest possible power consumption, or a back light that can be controlled over a very wide brightness range another method is needed. The purpose of the paper is to describe this method.

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3 Responses to “App note: LED back light driving methods”

  1. Robert Ogburn says:

    I am astonished that this is published. PWM is far from novel.

  2. Gianni says:

    Very interesting argument, particularly the 100-1000hz range to obtain an increased perceived brightness.

  3. Well to someone else this might be the first they have heard about PWM. And to bring up the POV angle extended the information well, so I think this article/paper is worthwhile. Good job Hantronix
    ,Inc. You might give the next one a little more, “timely” topic, perhaps? You know, to keep us folks who know how to make an LED blink following your writing, sir/madam.

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