ESP8266 – Wireless weather station with data logging to Excel


Rui Santos writes, “In this project we are going to establish a wireless communication between two ESPs and send data from three sensors to an Excel spreadsheet. This tutorial shows a wireless weather station with data logging that you can implement in your home.”

Project info at Random Nerd Tutorials site.

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  1. Not the first and not the last. It seems a lot of people are using the ESP8266 for monitoring applications!

    I’ve done something similar using the BH1750 (light sensor), Si7021 (temp & humidity), MAX17043 (LiPo monitoring), solar panel, regulator & LiPo charger.
    The ESP8266 (running nodeMCU) reports all readings every minute then sleeps.

    1. Sorry, I don’t have a blog Justin. All of the items I listed are available on eBay for a few $. People like Rui have already done a good job of explaining things.

      Is there anything specific you were interested in?

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