Maker’s rule, the feature packed PCB multi-tool

Rohit Gupta made a more refined version of his tinker rule:

My initial scale was big and not handy, So, this one should be small and compact and must not miss a single feature from its ancestor. This one has :

  • 0.1 inch grid to quickly prototype/resolve parts for perf-boarding or part creation
  • A collection of footprints and holes to quickly compare parts
  • A small pad with a sand paper to rust off those berg strips/resistor ends that just wont solder located ergonomically at the end to allow easy motion
  • A key chain form factor
  • A LED Tester
  • A continuity tester compatible with most common 4.5mm banana plug type probes and alternatively alligator clips too
  • A reference section for common equations,scales and track widths.
  • 0.1 inch scale at right angles
  • 1 mm resolution scale at right angles

Project info at Rohit Gupta’s blog.

Via the contact form.



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