Keysight EXA Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer review, teardown & experiments

Another video review from TheSignalPath, Keysight EXA Signal Analyzer/Spectrum analyzer:

In this episode Shahriar reviews the Keysight EXA Signal Analyzer / Spectrum Analyzer (N9010A). The X-Series Signal Analyzers and Spectrum analyzers from Keysight are compared against each other. The EXA is a general purpose spectrum analyzer with extensive applications.
The full instrument block diagram is presented with focus on various signal paths and frequency planning. Several of internal modules (RF Front-End, Digital Baseband Processor and LO Synthesizer) are also presented and compared with the block diagram. In order to examine the instrument’s capabilities in a real-world situation, a complete superheterodyne wireless transceiver with a sliding-IF receiver is design and examined. Each individual component in the system (LNA, mixer, PLL, etc.) are individually characterized by using the EXA Signal Analyzer. The complete system measurements are also presented.

More info at TheSignalPath homepage.

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