Audio multiplexer with integrated amplifier


Audio multiplexer with integrated amplifier project by Matt Winslow, built as a capstone project for his masters in EE:

This project is to act as a central hub for switching between audio sources and listening devices. Multiple audio sources can include a phone, computer, TV, etc. The listening devices can include different sets of speakers, headphones, etc. This project aims at reducing the hassle of unplugging and reconfiguring the desired audio source and listening device to just a button press. There is also an integrated volume control knob on the audio mux to conveniently change the gain in the same location as the buttons.

Project info at Winslomb blog.

Check out the video after the break.

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    1. I just hope it’s one of those MSEE _primarily_ by coursework, plus a lesser practical fraction. But these days, you never know…

      1. It has “Electromechanical Engineering” at the top of the blog and one university defines it as “Electromechanical Engineering is a mixture of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, and it also entails some computer programming and control engineering.”

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