DIY ez-FET lite…ghetto style


Juan Ignacio has published a new build, a DIY ez-FET lite:

I have a few MSP430G2955 around but non of my Launchpads are capable of programming this MCU. Texas Instruments released a while back all the informtation needed to build the new ez-FET lite. The eZ-FET lite is a low cost USB-based on-board emulation solution for MSP430 microcontrollers. This debuger supports all MSP430 devices compatible with SBW programming and I could use it to program the MSP430G2955.
The hardware is based on an MSP430F5528 and I used a QFN version with an adapter board

Project info at ssihla site.

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  1. A small part of me hopes that whoever at Texas Instruments who coined the FET in ez-FET and other related monikers get… maced.

  2. Totally agree! I remember when I was starting out how bewildered I was about the FET in ez-FET and other MSP430 debuggers. It’s like the rest of the industry has settled on programmers (DIY, burn in firmware often by bit banging on one level or another), and debuggers (heavy iron with ability to manipulate chip debug features).

    ez-FET? Ugh. TI is cute. They do try hard, don’t they?

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