Automatic 18650 Analyzer


Gregor wrote an instructable detailing the build of his Automatic 18650 Analyzer project:

The idea behind this project was to create a cost effective device that could automatically charge and discharge multiple 18650 cells while determining the effective capacity of each individual cell. Individual cells can be binned by capacity, so multiple parallel packs with identical capacity can be put in series.
This Instructable will outline my complete design process including, specification development, component selection, circuit design/pcb layout, assembly, and software.


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  1. Ah, he’s such a believer in 18650 Li-ion cells. Personally, I would minimize the number of such cells in my house, but that’s just cowardly me… I hope that at least he uses a kaboom-proof bag or two, for the sake of the well-being of his work area. :-p

    1. 18650 is just the packaging size, which is mostly unrelated to safety. 18650 cells are available in different li-ion chemistries, from Lifepo to Li cobalt etc.

      1. Notice I wrote “18650 Li-ion cells”. Of course I know what 18650 means… I use 14500/AA LiFePO4 myself.
        Well, he’s charging to 4.1V or 4.2V, so it’s cobalt chemistry, and hence my reservations about the issue of, uh, ‘kaboom’. 18650 cells with cobalt chemistry is plenty enough for explosions or fire upon failure. While there are protection circuits for Li-ion battery packs and protection features in cells (e.g. a layer that change (expands?) to shut down the cell if hot etc.) we still hear about very nice phones exploding or burning up, so state-of-the-art tech (assuming those nice phone companies have bothered to source high-quality OEM batteries) has not eliminated the risk.
        So what more getting unmarked cells and making up battery packs, how safe are those cells since hobbyist battery packs would not have the kind of safety features as those built into Tesla packs (which still burn in the worst case anyway.)

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