Directional coupler


Flathagen blogged about his DIY directional coupler:

It is simple to construct the directional coupler. The transformers are FT50-43 toroid cores with 32 turns of 24 AWG enamel wire. The primary winding is simply a piece of RG58 through the torioid (i.e., one turn). Different designs use different toroids and number of turns. I settled down on a design found in Arduino projects for amateur radio.
I used a aluminum box and BNC connectors. I used copper clad boards as shielding here and there. I did not have any 50 ohm resistors in my junk box so I used two 100 ohm resistors in parallel. They are all 2W resistors, which is totally unnecessary and overkill.

Project info at Flathagen’s DIYcrap blog.

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