Irrighino, a complete watering system based on Arduino Yun


Here’s Luca Dentella’s new project Irrighino, a complete watering system based on Arduino Yun.  It features a user friendly AJAX interface and a fully-customizable open source firmware.

The main features are:
-a configurable number of solenoid valves
-an AJAX web interface
-a weekly schedule
-manual activation / deactivation

An Arduino Yun – the “brain” of irrighino – is connected to the switch panel (with phsical switches and status leds), the rain sensor and the relay board that controls the solenoid valves. Yun is also connected to the home wifi network: a device (PC, smartphone…) connected to the same network can open the irrighino webinterface and configure and control it.

Code is available on Github.

Project info at Luca Dentella’s project page.

Check out the video after the break.

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