LM2596 DC-DC converter module testing


Kerry D. Wong writes:

In the video below, I tested this DC-DC converter board under various operating conditions and measured its efficiencies. To conclude, these switching regulator boards are well suited for low to medium current draw digital circuitry but for higher current applications a heat sink is needed and even so I would not recommend running it at the maximum 3A load especially if the input voltage is high.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Regarding the recommendation of not running it at 3A when Vin is high, I think it is better for the user to study the LM2596 data sheet, especially the section on Thermal Considerations, where there is a nice chart giving the behaviour of junction temp given various Vin and Vout at a set load current. That chart covers much more than one “avoid Vin high” recommendation. [Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the vid, only read the blog.]

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