Wireless Dallas iButton reader


Ondřej Karas writes:

This article describes simple wireless Dallas one-wire device ROM reader. It is intended as a base code for some more sophisticated access control system. We try some kind of access system in followings articles. Now, we are going to read 1-wire ROM code.
We use DDC-SE-01-dallas.c from DDC examples as a template for our project. In fact, we use functions for one-wire handling only and throw away the rest of the code. The main code periodically checks one wire device presence on DQ pin of IQRF module (PC3). If device is present, it checks, if previous readings was more than 1s ago, and then it reads ROM code, which is sent to another module. At the end of reading, startDelay(100) is executed and flag released = FALSE; is set. It’s protection against multiple reading.

Project details at DoItWireless site.

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