Teensy audio library gets S/PDIF support


Paul over at DorkbotPDX has written an article on Teensy Audio Library with S/PDIF support:

Thanks to the amazing effort of Frank Boesing, the Teensy Audio Library now has native S/PDIF output.
Using a $1 TOSLINK connector, or just a red LED, you can get optical S/PDIF digital audio output.


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  1. Teensy 3.1 really is the most awesome thing in the Arduino compatible space. Arm-powered, well supported, cheap and well .. Teensy. Glad to see digital audio support being added – great work Frank!

  2. It’s a pity the Teensy is not Open Source, and therefore can’t be used in Open Source projects.

  3. Umm.. Not following that. Teensy is not Open Source hardware, but there are open source boards (sparkfun, etc.) that are. Also, you can write and use open source software on it. So, in what meaningful way can you not do an Open Source project with Teensy?

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